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Cubes I’m so tired. You got to give me a little time. We don’t have any time. We’re fresh out of time. Can I just take a shower? Over there. I forgot about the pictures What a putz. Hope you don’t mind Game I borrowed your robe. Sure. Look, uh, we haven’t got much time, so, uh Game I got to ask you some questions, all right? Can’t you just let me lie here for minutes? I just need a little nap. A nap? Look, you had a shower. Now you want a nap. Want me to bring you your supper? This is not a resort. We’re running out of time. Now, what’s Victor’s last name? What good is all this gonna do, huh? It’s gonna help me nail him before he nails us. Nail Victor? You? Yeah, nail Victor. Nail him before he nails us. Now, what’s his last name?. What the hell difference does it make? God damn it. I’ll tell you the difference. I’ll tell you the friggin’ difference. He’s gonna blow us away. Now, tell me his last name. Did you watch us? Did you watch all of it? . How many other people did he set you up with besides Hotchkins? Did you enjoy watching us, Sharky? Get off of that. Why? Does it bother you? Does it make you feel like some pathetic peeping Tom, huh? You bitch. Don’t make me call you what you really are. So he bought you, and then what? He didn’t buy me. Well, what were you, a librarian?. A nun?. A schoolteacher?. I’m a dancer. Can’t you see?. I’m Game I’m a dancer. I ought to punch your in’ lights out. So now you’re gonna hit me, right? I bet you enjoy hitting people, Sharky. Sometimes, yeah. That’s all you know, isn’t it? Hitting and pushing and punching. Does it make you feel good or something? Sometimes, yeah. Aah. God damn it. God. Ow. I’m never gonna tell you. I’m never gonna tell you his last Game Oh, God. I hate you. Didn’t you ever learn just to hold someone? Yeah, I know how to hold people. I just don’t have $,. Is this your bedroom? Used to be. It was smaller then. Stainedglass windows your idea? Uhhuh. I love stained glass. Is this chest yours? It was my mother’s. When I was years old Game I carved my name in the drawer.