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I’m gonna miss the hell out of you. Like, it’s gonna hurt, bad. Your perfect male fantasy just shattered. A younger wife and a sugar mama. Yeah, you forgot the incest part. I mean, I’m an open-minded guy, but I probably wouldn’t want that. That’s the Temple of Apollo sundial. This? No, no, no. After we borrowed him from the ancient Greeks, he was replaced by Jesus, and now we don’t know who the old clock belongs to. Um, one last thing you should know. Right before I transform, if I transform Games that monster is gonna be the biggest and sharpest. How big? Just run. Really fast. We never got my clothes. No. One of us says something about journey and destination. Destinations are underrated? You ever wonder what life is like in the finite? Terrifying all the time, I’m sure. I don’t think so. Even at my lowest, I’m still excited to use the time the best I can. There’s motivation to make every second count. You never got lonely? Not since I met you. Doesn’t it scare you losing that? What are you doing? Begging. Go on, it’s time. Tell me more about the finite. let’s see, uh Games when you’re sick, it makes you feel lucky for all the times when you were healthy. Uh, sunrises and sunsets Games some things are just beautiful no matter what and a constant reminder that you only get so many. So you better enjoy ’em. Some pizza and a bottle of wine with the right person that can make the shittiest day better. Coffee dates take up a pretty good chunk of your time, but Games but they’re worth it. I don’t know, you can choose to work yourself to death, but you could also throw all that work away without regrets for the right person. Maybe that’s chemical, but it’s also magic. Uh, love comes around a couple times, if you’re lucky. Life probably seems short no matter what, but Games