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It’s kind of creepy. Yeah. Alright, fearless leader, what are we looking for? Peter Panda! Okay. Guess we can go now. You guys, this was mine. Still is if you want it. No, no, I just I remember playing with him, you know, right here. Olivia was in her playpen and Mom was in the kitchen and me and Peter Panda were trying to teach Olivia a nursery rhyme. It was shit, how’d it go? It was Say, say, oh, playmate, come out and play with me And bring your dollies three, climb up my apple tree And if you find the key, and open up the door Then we’ll be jolly friends forever more, more, more Think that’s wrong, though. What? The second verse. It starts, “Slide down my rainbow and to my cellar door ” not, “find the key and open the door.” Are you sure? I’m telling you. I don’t know how he knows that, but he’s right. You taught it to me. That’s right. Right after I came to stay with you and Aunt Nor. Yeah. Well, now that we’ve had that wonderful moment if there’s anything besides Peter Panda that we would like to take