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Cute Baby Adventure they know what Im talking about. Im talking about the ownership of Arkady Federov! Are you listening? Arkady Federov! Edgar. Alice, what are you doing here? You alright? What happened to you at the restaurant? I decided to tell you everything I know about Arkady Federov. Come in. You know hes in town right now, the European Energy Conference. Staying at the Imperia Hotel. No, I didnt. Im surprised to see you. Can I get you a drink? A cup of coffee or something? Ah game no, thank you. Thats my Wall Of Shame. There were hundreds of girls that came out of the conflict. Were a small organization. Let me get my dictaphone. There was one girl, Mira. Pretended she was a mute. Federov liked her, kept her close to him. Like a pet. Mason, David. Access code Get in the corner, you. Leave the poor girl alone. What the game?! game Natalia didnt expect to see me at Moscow, She didnt even know I was coming! What did you do? She was game these past few months she was acting erratically. Analysts thought she was becoming game Bullshit! It happens! So they decided to pull her. I couldnt get to her without them knowing. If she came to our side, she was going to die. Sending you was her only chance. Why? Huh? Why? Agency suspected for years that Federov started the war by dropping a building on his own men then blaming it on the Chechen nationalists. Then Natalia reaches out to me, says shes got an eye witness who will swear that Federov was involved. We did it! We did it. Who the game you been talking to? People you should have been talking to! Who was her liason? Now, dont gameing lie to me! That same man who picked up Natalias Mayday to me. The same man who ordered her extraction, and the same man who quarterbacked the hit on her. Come in. Devereaux has a daughter. Her names Lucy. These pictures are from five years ago. Shed be twelve by now. Natalia Ulanov was her mother. And Devereaux raises her. When Devereaux was in Berlin, he recruited Natalia and convinced her to spy for us. He had a whole goddamn family hidden from all of us.