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No. Don’t Games So, no matter what. I promise you, if you need us, if you need me, I’ll be there. You sure about this? I can’t trust my own mind. So, until they figure out how to get this stuff out of my head I think going back under is the best thing, Games for everybody. Thank you for this. Your friend and my father, they were both victims. If I can help one of them find peace. You know, If they find out he’s here, they’ll come for him. Let them try. AUNT MAY: So. Who was it? Who hit you? Some guy. So itchy, man. Darn What’s some guy’s name? Uh, Steve. Steve? Yikes. From C? Does he own a bike? No, no, no. You don’t know him, he’s from Brooklyn. Ouch Games Well. Hope you got a few good licks in. Yeah, I got quite a few in actually. Okay. His friend was huge. Like huge. That’s way better. Thank you. Okay, tough guy. Love you, May. Hey, can you shut the door. It’s temporary. Like, it’s Games You know, it’s like a break. Bull! (SIGHS) Josh, I’ve never been on my own. I went from living with my parents, to living in a dorm, to living with you. But we’re happy, Alice. Are we? Yeah. Or are we just boring? I’m not boring. I’m ing fun. I say I’m gonna do things all the time, and I never, ever do them. Like, I’m gonna learn to cook, or take a self-defense class or I’m gonna hike the Grand Canyon, and I never, ever do it. That’s not my fault. You said the boots made your feet hurt. Look, if we really want this to work long term Games I need to know who I am alone and I don’t want to spend my life wondering “What if?” This is stupid. The minute you walk out of here you’re gonna realize how much I do for you and how great I am and how much you need me, and you’re gonna start stalking me. (CHUCKLES SLOWLY) And that’s sad. (EXHALES) This is gonna be great for both of us. Yeah. We need to know what it’s like to be single, at least once. Can’t you just one of my friends? (CHUCKLES) Just do something to make me hate you. This is gonna be the right thing. Oh, God. I’m gonna miss your boobs. (CHUCKLES) (POP MUSIC PLAYING)