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Rose we’re having a baby, alright? Of course I’m going to get my hopes up. Seriously OK, look, I know you’re worried. Shit, I’m terrified but, I mean people have babies all the time you know? If they can do it, we can. Alright look, the chances of something going wrong are so small it’s not even worth thinking about, OK? Now come here and give us a snog. Lets get a photo, just one for the family album. This is going to be a gratuitous selfie. Rose. What? Put your oar up. Sorry. Theo wait, I need, I need to pee. All right but be quick about it yeah, because it’s suppose to chuck it down in a bit. Theo, that’s not funny! Theo, where are you? I can’t see you! Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you all right? What are you doing? Sorry. I thought I saw something in the woods. Come on, lets just get to the bothy. Okay. Here we are, it could be worse. No, it couldn’t. Here, do you want a bit? I’m not hungry. Come on, you’re kidding me? We’ve been walking all day. I’m fine, I’ve eaten some shortbread. Look, I don’t think we should stay very long, how much light do you think we’ve got left? Well, not very much really. It could get dark really soon. Look erm, to be honest, I think we should probably end up staying here the night. I’m not sleeping here. Come on we have to get back to the van and if we set off now we’ll have plenty of time. Look, I’m sorry, I mean, without a compass or a map we could get really lost around here. You know, these tracks go round and round in circles. We could end up lost in the woods, having to eat each other, cut our own arms off. Look seriously though OK, we’ve got a roof over our heads here, we’ve got a fire, we’ve got some water, we got some food, and we’ve got each other. I mean come on its going to be pretty romantic, don’t you think? Look we haven’t even got any sleeping bags and as for this bench come bed thing. Yeah, we don’t need sleeping bags, we’ve got these blankets here to keep us warm you know, we can use our backpacks as pillows. Come on, it will be an adventure. Look, I know you’re going through