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Cute Bear 4 Game then why shouldn’t she wear it? You’ve been snooping since I got this job trying to find out what it is. And now you know, don’t you? Know what? Know what, Mother? You knew that uniform was mine, didn’t you? Your uniform? Yes. I’m waiting tables downtown. My mother. A waitress. I took that job so you and your sister could eat, sleep and have clothes. Did you have to degrade us? Don’t talk like that! I’m not surprised. You’ve never spoken of your people, where you came from, so perhaps it’s natural. Maybe that’s why Father I’m sorry I did that. I’d have rather cut off my hand. I’d never have taken the job if I hadn’t wanted to keep us all together. Besides, I wanted to learn the business the best way possible. What kind of business? The restaurant business. I’m planning on opening a place of my own. There’s money in a restaurant. You mean we’ll be rich? Some people have gotten rich that way. I didn’t know what to do next, but suddenly it hit me. Why not open a restaurant? In the th, give me five across the board on Materialize. Hello. Grab a seat. What? I know it’s a dog, but I happen to like red horses. Call me back, will you? Well, well, well. Hello, Wally. It’s good to see you. It’s nice to see you. Sit down. I haven’t seen enough of you lately. This is all business. If you keep on refusing me, I’m gonna think you’re stubborn. Laugh? No laugh? What’s all this? I’m going to open a restaurant. You are? And you’re going to help me. I am? I mean, am I? Please, Wally. I guess I am. What’s the score? I found the location. An old house that hasn’t been lived in for years. It’s on a busy intersection. So it’s good for drivein trade. I clocked an average of cars an hour. Do you realize what that means? And, there isn’t another restaurant in five miles. It listens good. What’s the address? Glen Oaks Blvd. Glen Oaks Blvd? Who owns it? I don’t know, but there’s a “For Sale” sign. Let’s see. I need help in getting this place. You know the angles. I want that house. Please get it. All right. , . There we are! It’s listed at