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your age, his younger brother, Scar, was leader of the Lion Guard. Scaralso had the gift of the Roar. The Roar made Scar feel powerful. But that power went to Scar’s head. He began to think that he should be king, instead of his older brother, Mufasa. So Scar ordered the Lion Guard to help him take down Mufasa. When the Guard refused, Scar was furious. And then, Scar used the Roar to destroy the Lion Guard. What Scar didn’t realise was that by using the Roar for evil, he would lose the power of the Roar completely. Heyvi kabisa. Ye . The Roar is a very powerful gift. It can be used for great good. But it can also lead to terrible evil. Well, I’d never be like Scar. Ever! I’m glad to hear that, son. Because starting today, you are the leader of the new Lion Guard. I’m the what? You heard Simba! Ha-ha! The leader of the new Lion Guard? It is you! Yes! It. Is. You! Dad? It’s true, Kion. Wow. Amazing! It is. And now, as the leader of the Guard, I need you to assemble the Pride Lands’ bravest, fastest, strongest, and keenest of sight. Okay, Dad. Got it! Don’t worry. I’m gonna make you proud! Yes, Bunga? This is un-Bunga-Iievable! You see, Simba? And now, Kion will choose the best lions in the Pride for the Guard. I hope so, Rafiki. I’m still not sure he’s ready. BIRDS CAWING Wow! Me. Leader of the Lion Guard game Protectors of the Pride Lands! It’s kinda scary. BUNGA: Hey, Kion. Huh? Kion! Ergh! Bunga! Ready to start assembling the Lion Guard? Huh? Now? Ye ? Huh? Yes! Argh! Just stop splashing me! Splashing? Oh. CHUCKLES Sorry, Kion. Hakuna matata, Bunga. Now, come on! Time to assemble the Lion Guard! Lion Guard? Hmm. Dad said the Lion Guard needs the Pride Lands’ bravest, strongest, fastest, and keenest of sight. So I think I’ll go ask the bravest animal in the Pride Lands first. Kion, wait! Before you go asking whoever you think is the bravest, think about this game I might not be the biggest honey badger. But I know what’s in my heart. And I’m not afraid of anything or anyone! I know, Bunga. That’s why game