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I need to go urgently. Can anyone finish reading this? Of course. My compliments to Monsieur pre Games You do it, Latouche. No, not me! Yes, you Games No! Latouche! I Games deeply admire the courage, selflessness and ingenuity of the boy, Who saved the life of his four companions. He should become a role model for for all young people. Saint Potash School should be proud To have a real hero among her students. Applause student Ducobu! Bravo!, Ducos! Bravo! Thank you. Champion! Thank you. Thank you. Bravo! Bravo!, Ducos! Bravo!, Ducos! Exactly Ducobu! Ducobu, you’re the best! Bravo! Bravo! No applause for me, Monsieur Latouche? Of course. Louder Games Next year we’ll talk. With pleasure. Geography homework already done. I will practice the flute. Hi, Latouche. Ah! Mademoiselle Rato. I do not see anyone. Where are the kids? Caution, Monsieur Rato. Games x Games x = . Ready? During my many photo safari on the savanna African forests Games I bought Games During my many Games Games Ducobu! TWELVE! Ducobu! By the way, what do you think of the new boy? About Ducobu? I don’t know yet. Without a flute test, it’s hard for me to say anything. Children rise. am. Who did this? Come on. I can’t. I can’t.