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Um, I’m researching stuff here ’cause not many people have left or emigrated. I’m up your job. Yes, you are. So go back to America, fascist. Great scam you pulled having the university pay for you to live here, though. I know, right? What do you think of her? She’s hot. You think so? I need caffeine. What Games what happened to your hand? Um, I punched a guy. Did it hurt? No. Yes. Did you Games did you feel better? I know, I’m a child, I’m immature Games I was just going to say we’re all human. My family would vacation here when I was little and I would see these old men sitting here. Sometimes I wonder if it’s the same ones. You don’t sound Italian. Are you really from around here? Not far. I traveled a lot, though. So I sound weird as Did you learn your English in England? I did. But then I studied in America for a while. Where? New York. I’ve never been there. You’ve never been to New York? Are you kidding me? Nope. I thought all Americans have been to New York. I’ve been to Southern California, Right. Mexico, and here. Oh, Mexico. I love Mexico. I went there with my ex on a boat. What happened? We had so much Mexican food. No, no, with the guy. Oh. Oh, he was awful. Oh, he was Games he always had to conquer something. Why did you date him, then? He wrote me very romantic love letters and he was so much fun to drink wine with. Let’s get a bottle of wine. Okay, but you have to write me a letter first. You can write it while I finish my espresso. I’m still jet-lagged. Flipping my days for nights is making everything feel like I’m in a dream. Thanks for the wine. It’s most of my paycheck that I haven’t gotten yet, but you’re worth it. You shouldn’t pay for things. What if I told you I’m actually a successful businessman taking a break from all my wealth? Are you? I’m not. When I would sit at the bar at the restaurant I worked at, for every one woman I’d catch combing the place for a doctor or lawyer, I’d see like of them with some bum like me. Did you like being a cook? No. It was horrible. It can always be worse.