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Cute Dora Dressup THUD Watch it. You’re gonna hit the fat boys. Hey, Max, throw it in here. Throw it in here. Come on, hit the fat dorks. Paul. The O’Rourke brothers have taken away the specialedition casket. Please, Mary, I don’t want to talk about it. But didn’t you just sell that casket to the Levensteins for $,? Frankly, Mary, I don’t remember what the Levensteins paid. But it certainly wasn’t that casket, and it wasn’t $,. Now, what about the Grimm boys? Have you flunked them out yet? Soon, Paul. Soon. The sooner, the better, Mary. For the good of everyone involved. Now, if you’d excuse me… OPENS DRAWER GLASS SHATTERS Helen? HELEN Grimm Mortuary and Academy. You snuff ’em, we stuff ’em. I have something personal to ask you. One moment, please. If it’s about my period, I haven’t had one for years. Not that personal. Listen, Helen… has Dr. Truscott been getting any funny calls? No. Just the usual creditors. You know, threatening his life. No, I mean female calls. Ladies. Girls. Why, no, Mary. And I certainly would have remembered if he did because I haven’t had my period for That’s enough. Honestly. Oh, Mary. Back when I was still having my period, I found out that the best way to keep a man interested is to play the field a little. You know, like, diddle around. You mean, around? Hi, Sam. Oh! Oh, hello, Miss Purcell. What did I do wrong now? LAUGHS You don’t have to be in trouble to get my attention. So, what’s wrong with your car? Oh, you’re in a cheerful mood. Got another pop oral for me? Oh, Sam, I know that seems terribly unfair. But we do have to think of the good of the school. Maintaining high standards and all. Oh, right. Hey, I don’t want you to think that I have anything against you personally. It’s quite the opposite. Are you saying you find me attractive? Yes. You’re intelligent and hardworking and serious… and absolutely attractive. Attractive? Me? Yes, you. What are you doing tonight? I got a couple of tickets to see Radio Werewolf. Oh, Radio Werewolf! Wow, they’re my favorite band. But I suppose you already have a date.