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Cute Dora’s Bike Ride 2 Good game good idea! Good idea, Manju. I love you. Vikram, I wanted to talk to you. I think game Vikram your papers game Hi, your highness. It’s such a pleasant day, isn’t it? I’ll take Shekhar uncle out for exercising. Vikram! Yes. Thank you. Oh no! Sorry. Mili! Yes! ‘What do I say! Why is he here!’ Hold on! I can do this. Hi! Hi! Are you busy? Can we talk? Sure. ‘He is looking so hot’ ‘What has she done to this room’ ‘How do I do this?’ ‘Vikram forget about last night’ ‘What happened last night game ‘What do I say?’ Listen. Yesterday game Yesterday? ‘Eyes’ ‘Don’t stare at the legs’ What happened yesterday between us game Oh, yesterday. Don’t think about it. These things happen. ‘Idiot!’ Not with me, with people game Generally in life. ‘What is she saying?’ Right? So maybe we should forget it. Obviously, you don’t need to ask. You were just game game completely drunk. Absolutely drunk. ‘Please kiss me Vikram. ‘ ‘I want to kiss you. ‘ We were wrong? Yes. And, so what even if we were right. I mean game Nothing’s possible between us, I mean game ‘Why can’t be there anything?’ game you know game Yeah! You and I are very different people. ‘And I am going to marry Kiara. ‘ Yes. And I won’t change myself for anyone. Right. I think that’s the right thing to do. ‘Good, you said it game now get out. ‘ So game ‘Don’t go. ‘ ‘Stop me’ I am game glad we had this conversation game game and it’s over. ‘Can I hold you?’ ‘Please game don’t. ‘ Okay. Sorry. Friends, highfive! Highfive! Cool. Goodnight. ‘This is for the best’ Goodnight. ‘This is best. ‘ Thanks. Goodnight. Goodnight. Highfive. Why are you troubling me so early in the morning? If you can’t sleep game We’re going to exercise here today. ‘In an effort to be away from your son’ It’s been so many years since I last came here. Wow! ‘NO, NO, NO, NO!’ Oh! Vikram! Vikram, didn’t you sleep last night. Good morning, dad. Good morning. ‘Why is he here?’ Good to see you up here. Mili’s idea. I had completely forgotten how beautiful it is up here. I am going to Mumbai today. I see.