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Cute Dora The Explorer Crocodile Lake You say whatever’s on your mind. No filter. Why hesitate in speaking the truth? Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you speak what’s on your mind. You should keep some things concealed in your heart. Yes. So that game when we’re old we have some regrets. “I wish I had said that, or done that” I am not like that. I say whatever’s on my mind. It’s quite cold tonight. Here, take this. Vikram! I am in love with you. Mili, please game Vikram! Sorry, Vikram is here. I’ll call you later. Mother. Vikram! Hello. Vikram, Divya isn’t at home. It’s what I was afraid of. She ran away. Look at this letter. She’s written that she’ll be back in a few days. Look at her handwriting. She still erases her mistakes with her spit. Where has Divya gone? She hasn’t written anything. Don’t worry. Mili’s handwriting was bad as well. Yes, but she never ran away. And it’s possible that game game Divya couldn’t find an eraser in a hurry. So she game Vikram, is it the th today? Yes. It is. Why? There’s a Bollywood Star Reality Show game game which is being held in Jaipur today. So, what has a Bollywood show got to do with Divya? Divya wants to be an actress. I’ll find out. Dr. Chakravarty, since you had game game such hearttoheart discussions with Divya game game then she might have told you that game game we don’t want her to do this? Didn’t you think it was your responsibility to tell us? Or to warn her? She’s just a kid. Or it doesn’t make a difference to you? Your highness, that’s not it. Divya wanted to go herself. So that’s why you took this decision for my daughter. Don’t forget, Doctor. You’re here for Shekhar’s treatment. Not for Divya’s career counseling. Don’t game Excuse me. Don’t say that. Even she is low on tolerance. But still she stayed put for your husband’s treatment. Hold on, Manju. Your highness, please try to understand Divya’s situation game Doctor Chakravarty, this is beyond your understanding game game so please don’t even try. Excuse me, madam. Actually, even we are part Rajputs. He’s a Bengali and I am a Punjabi.