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my pa used to beat me up pretty good if I messed something up. He made me cry a lot, but it made me tough, you know? Mmm, no, no, no. Up a little bit. No, over a little. Ooh, . . I’m sorry. I’m sorry. No, it’s okay. It’s okay. Almost, right? Ye . . , , , , Sleep don’t visit So I choke on Sun And the days blur into one Bags under my eyes All the things I’ve felt and done Sheets are swaying From the old clothesline Like a row of captured ghosts Welcome home , , , come home Your face. I know. Go up to my old room, take off all your clothes. Now. All my nightmares escape my head Bar the door, please Don’t let them in You were never supposed to leave Now my head’s splitting at the seams And I don’t know If I can breathe , , Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh , , ! Shh! Shut the up. Shh! I haven’t seen these photos in eight years. You didn’t keep any with you? No, I did. I just- I moved out in a hurry, so game Why were you the only person to see your mom in the hospital? Your dad, Donald, he told me, and Peter told me a little bit, and game I was really close with my mom, but I couldn’t bring myself to speak to her. I wouldn’t answer her calls. I- I just-I shut her out of my life completely. She got sick not long after that, and when she went into the hospital, I started really pushing Donald for information, and it all just hit me. He’s totally full of . So I just went straight to my mom in the hospital, and she told me that Donald had been in’ around on her for years, and it finally got bad enough that she just packed up and left. She didn’t think Donald would be vindictive enough to take her ing boys away from her, you know? Why didn’t you tell Peter? Well, he- he was years old, so I game You know game If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that- I don’t know. I would have thought that, uh, it was your first time or something. I don’t know. It was game I got a- I don’t know. No, no, no, you- Right? I’m sorry. You-you’re not- you-you-you-you- okay. Oh, I gotta go. Hey, wait, wait, wait.