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I need to sit down. Feel how cold I am, Anna. You’re frozen! I need body heat! Rikard, you’re pissed! No way, I’ve been on apple juice! You’ve drunk too much. Yeah right, apple juice. Look, couldn’t you go and get me and Anna a drink? We need a little chat. Is it going al right? Does it seem al right to you? Yeah, sure. You think I’m crazy, don’t you’? No, I like you, Anna. Always have. Always. It’s true. Do you remember the hiking trip’? You mentioned it in there Game It’s OK, I’ve always Game It’s OK. I was in love with you, Anna. I was. I was. I just didn’t dare admit it. You’re beautiful Game Look. Everyone wanted to throw you out. They were mad at you. But I thought you did really well. Really damn well. You reckon? Fun, was it? It was. It was great! Something happened! You deliberately stirred things up! I thought your reaction was Game You said therapy, right’? Sure, it’s like therapy Game Have you been in therapy? I went once. With my Game I have two kids. You took your kids? Was it tough? Things were messy. But therapy’s good. I’ve always liked you. Fancy going up onto the roof with me to look at the stars? Would you like that? He’s such a smoothie. I know! Rikard always has been. He can take anyone and just Game Let’s party, eh? Dance Game Get crazy Game Let’s get crazier than those idiots in there. What do you say’? You and me Game I’m on your side. Come on, let’s dance. It’s party time! Hey, photomodel, five shots! An apple juice too. And a ‘Virgin Bourbon’ for Minna. Minna, Minna, ifs party time. It’s party time! And we’re one big happy family! Right, here you go! And here, and here Game Here’s to the good ol’ days! Here’s to the good ol’ days! Cheers! Minna, Christ how I’ve missed you! I’ve missed you so damn much! Minna! Minna, come here! Love you. Love you too. Tell us, wasn’t it you two with that fire, or whatever it was Game ‘? You owe me kronor! kronor! It was exactly like on the hiking trip! She fell for it! She’s so desperate! This is so cool!