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Cute Grapes If you were, Catherine’s parents wouldn’t believe their daughter. You’d be like a father to Catherine. In other words, an old man. Not a Don Juan. Because of the kids we don’t have, we’re facing a horrendous nightmare! Suzanne! Mom, my Sunday dress! No school today? They’re here! Who’s here? The police, like on TV! Has he ever kissed you? No, sir. You never saw him do anything improper to the other girls? No, sir. Young lady game Did you see the picture Catherine had of her teacher? Yes, sir. About time! This one? Yes, sir. Did Catherine show you? No, sir. How did you see it? It fell on the floor in class. Did she say where she got it? No, sir. Sure? Yes. You think Catherine gave him that lighter? I thought so. But not anymore? Someone else? Maybe. Who? . who? Arnaud. Why Arnaud? She’s the teacher’s pet. She was seen going to meet him at the fair. You saw her? No, Annette Thomas did. I didn’t see her, my parents and little brother did. Right before the fireworks. Were they together? I don’t know, I think so. Arnaud! Hello, . Hello, sir. You’re top of the class? This month, yes. That’s very good. What do you think of Mr. Doucet? He’s very nice. Always treated you properly? Yes, sir. Know what Catherine says? Do you believe her? No, sir. Why not? Just because. So you don’t think much of her? You heard about the picture? What picture? Or the lighter? Yes, sir. Who do you think gave it to him? I don’t know. No idea? No, sir. Not much interest in others? No. Others are interested in you. What were you doing the night of the fair on game The Chastenay road. That’s right. Cat got your tongue? Were you there or not? No. Sure? Yes. Were you at the fair? Yes. Alone? No. With who? Brigitte. Brigitte who, for God’s sake? Canet, my best friend. During the fireworks? Yes, I was with her all night and we walked home together. Obviously. Why obviously? We live together. Mr. Canet works for my dad and Mrs. Canet’s our housekeeper. didn’t leave your sight all night? No, sir. You walked home together? Yes, obviously. Annette’s right,