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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. What have you brought? I baked a cake for you. Thank Gratin. I love pastries. Toady! I can’t stand her! Thank you. Happy New Year! Bye. Bye. Happy New Year, Monsieur Latouche I’ll eat it with Mom Games Yes? Monsieur Latouche? I’m Monsieur Ducobu. Come in, Monsieur Ducobu. Thank you for coming. Sit down. Where do I Games ? In your son’s place. No, it’s here. Is he doing well? Yes, even though he is sometimes insolent. You have a very capable son. Especially in music. He did not go to music school? No. He must have. He is a virtuoso. a future Chopin. Let me give you one piece of advice. Be more lenient with him Games He is in poor health. With such injuries Games what are you talking about? I’m talking about that accident. When he fell. Fell Games fell? Games when he was he fell from a pony. He lost two teeth. But other than that Games Forgery. What? Huh? No, it’s nothing. Okay. Forgive me for worrying you. I confused him with another student. Molas have prostate problems, and he Games Rest assured, your child is st in the class. For now Games Sorry to bother you. My name Gustave Latouche. I teach at St. Potash. Can I help you? I would like to inquire about your former student, Ducobu. We will not take him back! No, it’s can I see his school completion certificate? I have not read it. I do not have it. Leave. Go away! At least his school records! Psychiatric Hospital Ministry of Education Look at me. Look me in the eye. See. In my eyes, I say. Look me in the eye. In the corner! In the corner! Go carefully. Monsieur Mignard has not yet recovered. Games . He is engaged with gifted children. That is our therapy. .. Monsieur Mignard, a visitor for you. Look, this is Monsieur Latouche. Is it OK? Monsieur Mignard, I would like to talk to you About one of your students. Let me guess. Ducobu transferred to your school. Yes and I honestly do not understand. Ducobu is an excellent student. He’s first in the class. I Games Monsieur Mignard, multiplied by . Monsieur Latouche! See you soon! Wow, a periscope!