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How’s Jennifer? ed up story. A lot of ed up stories going around. Where you headed? A shrink. Wow, wow. Working it out, good for you. Yeah, yeah. All right, it’s good seeing you. Weird. It’s weird, but good. Weird and good to see you too. We should do it again sometime soon. All right, bye. Hey! I got a show going up finally. Oh that’s great! Trisha set it up. You should come. Yeah, sure. Really, please come, I don’t know what the to expect. I need some friendly faces, it would mean a lot if you came. Yeah, you know, I’ll come, just send an invite or whatever. Oh, that’s what this is, this is your invite right here and now, I just officially invited you. All right, well I’ll come. Wherever it is in the world, I’ll be there. Sorry, you mean with the time and place and all that, yeah, I’ll e-mail you that. Okay. All right, good to see you. You too! Here we go again everyone, this is No B.S. and I am your fearless leader Brenda Schiffer. Great, now that we got that business out of the way, let’s talk about games Let’s talk about matters of the day, current events. You know, that, I wanna talk about me ’cause I can feel you out there. Matter of fact, I can see you out there with all this social media, I mean the ing social media, the Instagramming, the tweeting, the chirping, the annoying, tendering little s that you are, you know who you are, yes you! I had a day, man I had a day. I hate young, tiny, talented little actresses in my acting class. I found out today that I’m gonna get kicked out of my apartment in two weeks, and my best friend boned me out of staying with her because she’s got this perfect little life and this perfectly moved in new boyfriend. My agent can suck it! I had an amazing audition games For an STD commercial, and then to top it off I run into my ex-boyfriend who’s doing great by the way and I weep on his shoulder. Buckle up, motherers, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. It’s not even a thing, don’t worry about it. I gotta get my luggage out of your storage dump before you completely move out of here.