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Cute Shin Chan Adventure 2 Dr. Chakravarty isn’t missing. She’s gone to meet King Suraj Maan Singh game game with my son Vikram. What? He sprained his neck. They will be back by evening. Is it far? About kilometers. I hope game this time she is travelling in a car, not like the last time game She is travelling by car. Vikram’s gone with her. Well, actually you’re so sweet, I didn’t mean anything. Just like that. Excuse me. That’s an antique, if you don’t mind. By the way, Mili was saying game game that you have to follow a lot of rules and regulations here. Does your husband agree? Hello, hello, hello. Manju, we’ve already met. Hello. You’re looking really smart in this coat. I see. You must be Pratik? Hello! She’s my daughter Divya. Hello. Hello. Sit, sit, sit. No one has ever been able to force me to do anything. But your daughter is stubborn. I’ve never seen a doctor like her. She is scolding me to better health. Greetings Sir! Come, Prince. Hello, Dr. Mili. Good afternoon. Do you still have a stiff neck? It wasn’t there since this morning. That’s Good. So the Prince is adamant on separating me from my palace. He brought you along. Sir, I tried hard that this doesn’t happen. But people never listen to me. Sir! Yes, Prince. On to business. Take a look. May I take your leave. Be nice. Sir game Sir, there’s an idea in my mind. Don’t try to haggle anymore. I’ve made up my mind, because game game you’ve accepted my terms and conditions. And that is that. Sir, I was thinking game game let’s run Surajgarh in partnership. Your residence wing will stay dedicated to you. We’ll build a hotel in the rest of the area. You won’t have to sell your property. In fact, your contribution to the business will be your palace game game and ours will be our finance. Vikram game Sir, I feel if you stay here game game it will add to the heritage value of the place. You’ll also be on the board of directors. Like I said, your privacy will be guaranteed. I wasn’t wrong. Your game is really unique. Lets shake hands. Partner. Let’s celebrate! Radheshyam! Champagne!