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Cute Toy Shop On photos, he seemed less Game Y’know Game Nice to meet you too! Give him time. years isn’t enough time? This thing got aircon? Open the window. Good morning, sir. Any vacancies? What? Bed and breakfast, yes? Can’t you read? Damn thing’s in English! It’s boiling. There’s a pool, at least? Sure, there’s even a Jacuzzi. There’s no signal! No idea. You must have a mobile. I hate being rung for. What are you waiting for, a porter? How could you do this to me? Without telling me? This way, they get a real holiday. They’re staying till September? Paul, your fight with their mother is not their fault. years, not one phone call, and when it suits her, she ships me her kids. “Suits her”? A divorce? I said it wouldn’t last. years! Don’t be so mean. It happens. Divorce? Too right. It’s the national sport. You and me, we’re the Last of the Mohicans. What’s wrong, Théo? That’s the dog, Goa. Get the mattresses out of the shed. Go on! It’s only Goa. You’ve seen him already, on the photos. What the hell’s that? A drone? You don’t get wasps in Paris? In the attic. It’s too heavy for you. No idea where he’s going. Where’s Gramps? Didn’t feel like helping, I guess. it! Two months in this dump. That’s so full of fail! Get any texts on the train? Who from? Dad? Who knows, maybe he cares how we did in our exams and stuff. Dream on. He won’t call, he’s too ashamed. Ashamed? Him? Now, you’re dreaming. Shit, there’s still no signal. Even up here? Shit! Buried alive! Adrien! I’ve got reception in here. Me too! We’re good! A total shrine to the s! I made room for you. Mom left all her stuff behind? You mean, she ran away? Aged , and pregnant with Adrien, too. After leaving school with straight A’s. She planned to study Agronomy at Montpellier. I can’t begin to tell you, Gramps was so mad. Hold on Game Isn’t that Amy Winehouse with you? She’s my idol. Dad got me tickets. I waited outside for her. Like sisters, aren’t we? That’s Mum! She looks so cute! What was the big issue with Dad? What didn’t Gramps like? Everything. And your grandfather messed up