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Cute Turtle Run Are negotiations in progress now with the terrorists? This administration has never waivered from the policy Game That the United States must never give in to the demands of terrorists. To do so would only encourage more hostage taking. Well, we’ll see. Hey, man, I’m supposed to We know. Be careful, man. You bet. I’m supposed to take this to your guys upstairs. Lunch. Enjoy. We got two guards in the bell tower, two more in the attic of fisher hall. There’s two in the infirmary and two more on the roof of west hall. That’s eight. Three in the quad makes , and the leader in the office is . His name is Luis Cali. And the three guys in the quad that’s Jorge, Ruiz and Carlos. That’s right. You speak Spanish. Don’t forget the American guy with the glasses. That makes . This man. You know Vinny? Vinny. The F.B.I.’s crawling all over me. I didn’t even wanna use a pay phone. You seen the news? Yeah, of course. This Enrique Cali the old man who’s in prison he’s been around. We’ve done business with him. I know the Bars brothers are in with him very big. So is Dino Frenetti and his boy Micky. All right. I want you to reach out to them fast. Tell them to get to the old man and explain about my son. All right. It’s done, right away. The kid hates me. Albert, hey, hey. Kids are kids. They go through, uh, a stage. They’re ashamed of us. Hey, it’s just a phase. No, it’s different with Joey. He really hates me. But what can I do? I love him Game And I want him out of there. It’s done. Right away, okay? Go ahead. Billy, we’ve got enough to do without you thinking up more ideas. I’m having a private conversation with Yogurt. Billy! This is the chip that sends radio signals to the plane? Right. And it’s the same kind of chip that he’s got in the garage door opener, the thing wrapped around his wrist, the one that controls the explosives? Well, it should be. I mean, all chips aren’t standardized. Then if we could somehow switch these chips, then we would control the bombs and he would control the plane with his wrist deal. Right.