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Really? No pills. Glad it. Congratulations. And cold water bath. I have problems with the hot. Ice bath invigorates. It must be resistance. The heater. Alice, this is Wilson. A friend. Hello, Princess. You are Portuguese? No, no, no. Brazilian. I did my studies End stage in São Paulo. That’s a sign. Come, let’s dance. We Will. He’s right. Come on, Samba. No, I do not dance. We Will game No, but it can go. I hold your plate. Come on. No, really. I am ashamed. I can not dance. Come On. If he does not, bad luck. I will not stay longer. Your friend dance well. It is game He’s a bit exaggerated. A toast to my evidence. At least in September. Their evidence. Not finished yet! And the end of that stage for idiot, euros per month. Now they can drink. Their evidence! For you! Whose time? I? Go, Lamouna. In Africa, on the nights of rain game No game No “the rainy nights.” Let him speak. This story is good, but time consuming. Carry On. We are listening, Lamouna. So in Africa, the rainy nights, the ephemeral insects, flying around and fall on the plates. They knock on the walls and fall already half dead. The problem is that they can not resist the lure of light. The desire to live is too big. They rotate around frantically lamp. In the morning, they seem the small dead leaves scattered on the table, although the previous day were butterflies. I wish none of us is one of those ephemeral. Kirikou ended the party, with this story flies. Who is Kirikou? Well, it’s my turn. I would draw the attention of a young woman who is game truly beautiful. And I mean it in front of everyone. As I am shy, I will give two tracks. She earns euros a month. And she is world champion in rolling cigarettes. So not me. Baby you game no chance. Nothing. Total empty. We will see. Yeah. The next game Go Samba. Well, I toast to a house on the lake. And all that comes with it. At home on the lake! Well, you and Alice? I game At the beginning of exaggeration. This is very good. Marcelle. “Fight the devil with this thing called love.” This is beautiful.