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I saw when I looked in his eyes. Kramer, get your stuff, fix him up. That’s a fancy way of trying to frame somebody, getting yourself knocked off. A guy’s gotta be out of his head for that. I didn’t know a guy could hate that much, not even you. And all because your old man set me up in business. I got it added up now, Dixon. I should’ve figured it last night, when you tried to hang the Paine job on me. You were the first cop to get to Paine’s house. You found Paine, slugged him, ed him. You took the body to the river. You had to slug a night watchman. And you’ve been walkin’ around ever since, half cop and half er. The man who hates crooks. The law that works by itself. The cop who can’t stand to see a er loose. So what is he? A hood and a mobster like his old man. It’s interesting how blood will tell. Your old man would’ve been proud of you, to see how you finally followed in his footsteps. You and me oughta get friendly when you’re on your feet again, Dixon. There are a lot of things a smart cop could do for me. They got Steve, beat it out of him. He let go the works about Morrison. Come on! I haven’t finished the bandage. Let him bleed. Come on! Get the elevator. Open the door! It’s stuck. What’s going on? Press the emergency button. Power’s off. We’re stuck! That dirty cop. Can’t change, can you? Always have to break orders, always have to do things your way. This time I’ve got to hand it to you. You hit the nail on the head. Thanks, Inspector. Mark. They’re letting Dad out. I don’t know what to say, but thanks. He didn’t do it single-handed, Miss Taylor. The department contributed towards establishing your father’s innocence. Not that I’m not proud of you, Mark. I’m putting you back where you were and recommending you for promotion. Oh, that’s wonderful. Here’s your letter back. Since there was no report of your death, I didn’t open it. You expected to die! I don’t think Mr Dixon knows what he expected. He was pretty sore at me when he wrote this. I think he’s in a different mood now. Tear it up, Mark, no hard feelings.