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Delicious Cookie Capers picked me up yesterday A tasty fish game I grilled one yesterday, didn’t sleep all night. Be grateful for me Yes, the ahjumma must’ve tired herself off. Her place you often come to Even if it’s like this, you still don’t understand. Even if you know, just pretend you don’t, OK? Why are you eating the fried shrimp snack? You said you don’t want to eat? This tasty and delish flavor Want to ride on that boat.l Really? Do you? Whom should I ride it with? With who? Me?l Get lost We’re now on third week of sixth month This year, this night rain would move rapidly north The mm/hour rainfall is now upon Korea Early warnings had been delivered There’s ice rain on several areas, please be safe citizen Storms always come unpredictly, don’t let your guard down That’s weather report of Kim Hyun Woo l Didn’t you know your underwear is visible? Do you think that news are like dramas? I’ve already said that a report have to be delivered with feeling. Don’t flirt on viewersl Sorry I think this is not badl What should we do? An arousing imagination, really fresh. The understandable weather report, also with good reactions Director, there’s a weird comment Wait, what’s this? Is it real? Nowadays, there’s rumor Hyun Woo’s been going to hotel with a married man. It’ll affect us If it’s true, it’ll be a fatal blow for us. Her life might also be ruined Talk to her, ask what she has to say.l Alright Hold on That was close.l Miss Goddess, today was great Our rating’s increased.l Oh, is it really? I’ve only wear a casual uniform on the show, but, apparently it arouse men’s imagination Director, did you also..? Kim Hyun Woo, watch with what you say Are you upset? jealous? Is it because you think you’ve made a mistake, so this is it? I’ve already forgot about it I don’t care with such things A few days ago, you called me sometime after midnight That was game What are you waiting for? Is your standard this low? Because of holidays, my family comes home We want to take a vacation I wasn’t aware of it before We shouldn’t be this way What do you mean?