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I like red wine too. That’s interesting, Beth. Is the wine going to aggravate your IBS? Wine doesn’t affect IBS. I didn’t know you had IBS. Yup. We both do. Yeah, they both have IBS. Take probiotics. I’ve heard that that doesn’t work. For real? No. It does. I bet it works. Yeah. I bet it works. Mm-hmm. Anne, I feel like maybe we got off on the wrong foot games Beth, I’m sorry, you’re gonna have to speak up. I feel like when we met, maybe we games Mm. Maybe we got off on the wrong foot. Cool. So. You look really nice. I’m not used to seeing you with this much make-up on. I’m so excited you approve of my look. Yeah, you really went to town. I went to town. Here’s to stepping out and here’s to going to town. To clown town. My son Brian is, um games Oh, God! Tell us another story, that would be great. He’s playing the clarinet. Um games And, um games I draw. You do? Yeah, yeah, it’s sketches and stuff mostly. Yeah. Charcoals, pastel stuff. You can draw me if you want. I would love to draw you. I would love to be drawn by you. Yeah. Hope you have enough pastels. Oh, original. For the face. Original. Brian’s been playing klezmer music. He games Oh, God. ing Brian. I’m sorry about that. It’s okay. Are you sure? Yeah, I’m good. I’m with you. Okay. Okay. I’m having a blast. I’m so glad we did this. When are we doing it again? Maybe we should get some food. Well, let’s get some food. Yeah. It’s good idea. Let’s get our food. Yeah. You good? Yeah? I’m great. You alright? Yeah. I’d invite you in, but I don’t want to. That’s okay, because I’ve kinda become afraid of you. This you think I don’t know. And you didn’t give me dignity or closure. And it’s games I wouldn’t have said that a month ago. Hey, Jeff, it’s Anne. I’m just calling to talk to you, so games Give me a call back. You know my number. Hey, Jeff, it’s Anne. I was just calling to games talk to you. Um, I feel like games we never got, um that side of eggplant that we ordered and I was like did we games did we pay for that? Hey, Jeff, I bet you’re with Beth right now.