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That’s practical for a lot of people. Like those guys out there. Two old fashions, no ice, no water, no sugar and no grenadine. On the level. Gregg is serious about her. He’s got his coils wound up too tight. He wants to get out of that plate glass window and work up an act with her. Game So I’ve heard. Game Two vodka martinis. The people who ordered them Russians by any chance? Who knows? What do I have to do? Get an affidavit every time anybody orders vodka? You’re a clever kid, aren’t you? Drop dead I’ll give you a tip, buster. If you’re as crazy about Angel Face as I think you are Games Games you’ll move in fast. Got a stopwatch? I thought you said goodbye. I did. What do you want? A repeat performance? Game Hiya, copper. Game Hiya. Well, her most devoted fan. You and Angel Face wanna smooch? Come on girls, let’s have some coffee. I could sure use it. All right. What’s the message? I’ve handed in my notice too. What notice? To the police. I’m quitting. Tonight’s my last night. All those plans we made, we’re going through with them. Are you sure this time? I am. We start fresh. The whole slate wiped clean. No past, only a future. You did come back to me. How about you? Are you sure I’m the guy for you? Yes. No one else you’d rather be with? Like a mechanical man or a college professor? A cop. I’m sick of this town. I’m with you, Johnny. When I first came to this town, I was going to be Games Games Oh, there was a lot of things I was going to do. Become famous. But Chicago’s the big melting pot and I got melted but good. Tomorrow’s a new day, Angel Face. I’ll go anywhere you want me to go. I’ll pick you up in the morning at the apartment. We’ll leave then. Be ready. I am ready. Car , Car . Cedric Street. Sick woman on the sidewalk. Let’s get over there. Car going in on that call at Cedric St. Car OK. Hey, that coffee cup must’ve had lipstick on it. All right, stand back. You guys better take over. What happened?