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Yeah, they need us now more than ever. Right. We need to get them to sponsor both cars, stateoftheart Top Fuel dragsters. Okay, here we go with the sponsored Game I race Top Fuel. All right, Don. Okay, hold on. Tom, we’re talking about two more Hot Wheels for them to sell. Is that more your language? All right, I get that. That does not mean I’m racing the ‘Cuda at Indy. I think you made that pretty clear yesterday. I told Spear we’re going to get the ‘Cuda on the track. What I didn’t tell him was who’s going to be behind the wheel. So you’re getting another driver for me? What are you going to pull out of, Top Fuel or funny? Neither. I’m going to take one for the team, run both. What are you, crazy? You’re not going to beam yourself from pit to pit. Has anybody ever done that before? Yeah, Captain Kirk. I am going to boldly go where no man has gone before. Okay. I can’t Game Where’s that waitress? All right, guys. Hey, grab the bags there. Let’s get ’em in the truck. I want to see the car, Dad. Yeah, of course, Jamie, you can see the car. How’s it going? Hey, what the hell’s going on here? Nothing, boss. The cars are ready to go. Well, prop up the duster, okay? Hey, people can’t watch if there’s nothing to look at. Even Snake knows that. Just pretend you’re doing something. Hey, guys, you want a Tshirt? Here, have a Tshirt. This is for you, a Mongoose Tshirt. Here you go. Hi. Hey, Tom. Can I get a photo with the Mongoose? Well, yes, you can. Hey, Tommy, here, help your dad out, will you? Grab a picture for me. Guys, guys, guys, put that down. What are you doing? Huh? People want to see that paint job. Come on. We’re going to do it right here in front. Go play cards or something, guys. Come on. It’s beautiful. How’s this? Oh, that’s good. I like that. Yeah? Hey, Jamie. Hey, Snake. Lynn! Hey, Jamie. How are you? I was wondering when you guys were going to get here. Mom made us wait until school ended. That’s for you. Okay. Yeah, I got another little something for you here.