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But I now can you do everything I want. If I want to Radios Radios Click for you on the nose. And I want swallow your head. Ah! Naval order! Here! [Beeping monkey] [Beeping monkey] Mariska, you took a mop? And do not think! Only for a moment turned away. What are you waiting for? Does the cleaning you. What not? Allow. Please. No thanks said. Hmm! Very cute! This is uborochka! Well, thank you! What’s that? What’s going on here, eh? I did not want to complain. Stay healthy. Thank you. But my patience is exhausted. Or am I! Or is it! Comrades Comrades, I Of course, not the doctor. Nothing! We understand. Tamer I. Comrades It’s muggy. Stifling you. Comrade No longer smoke! Open the porthole! And they are open. Here, no one smokes. Thnk yv. Comrades Comrades Radios Radios Sailors! Hush, sir! Quiet you! Me, here, Radios. Asked to with you a little conversation. So say about tigers. Comrade tamer, but you can tame mouse? In the pantry mouse lives. They include scary. Mouse? The mouse is Radios so to speak, no. Mouse can not. Well, see, Comrades, the mouse is Radios Radios Small predator. And I’m working on a major horned, that is Radios this Radios Radios Predators: lion, tiger. And how do you bring up to imagine such bravery? Courage? Yes. Well, I Radios Radios Since childhood. I’ve been here you draw Radios you drew a tiger. Well, of course, how could Radios in this Radios in context. Here, look. Oh-oh! On three legs. Three lapy? No, the fourth over there. Comrades Radios Tiger is largely composed Radios Radios Three parts. The front part. Head. The rear part. And this, comrades, Radios Tail. Seen? In the middle part is rump, rump. Heel muscle. Breast. Knuckle. The following is a ham. Well, of course, Involves treatment of pelts, liver, udder. Where? It now Radios Understandably. That said, it is easier Radios As they say, not scientific Crash Crash, comrades. And what did he eat? Eats! Yes. Now I will answer now. And read what he human victims feeds. [Laughter] What? Well, Radios It may very well be.