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Help me with the crate. Sir. GALGO CLEARS THROAT BARNEY: On the plane, Gogo. GALGO: On the plane. Yes, sir. Gogo? No, I’m not Gogo. No, Galgo. Galgo. Gogo sounds like a Parisian hooker. Galgo. GALGO LAUGHS SINGING IN SPANISH “I am the bridegroom of death.” Those are the lyrics of a Spanish Legion old song that we used to sing when we were on a mission in Croatia. You know, that’s where I met Mingo. Yeah. The best point man ever. Some kind of savant, you know. No ambush this guy couldn’t sniff. And under fire, the coolest cat ever. Just pure ice in his veins. We were pinned down once, like, two bullets left. I looked over. Not one bead of sweat. Was cool. Yeah. Can I help you up there? You’re a mechanic now? Of course I am a mechanic. I am whatever you need me to be, sir. Okay, then just be quiet. Uh, yes, sir. GALGO: Tiger. This sniper I knew, I mean, this guy got it all figured out. Wind speed, temperature. Shit, barometric pressure. TALKING GIBBERISH But do you know what he said was the most important? No. Patience. Really? Yeah, he said that. This thing smells good. What is that? Is it kerosene? Gasoline? What is that? Aviation fuel. Aviation fuel. It’s good. SNIFFING Oh. The best team member ever. His name was Torres. Holy shit. You wouldn’t believe what this guy was capable to do. Unbelievable. I’m telling you. Galgo. Yes, sir. I think I know why your team let you go. You do? Really? SIGHS Yes! Whoa game Big plane. Old, old, but cool, ya know. Where are the others? Just us. Just us? Just us. Insane. Courageous, but insane. Last chance. You sure you wanna do this? I like traveling. Good. Uh game Who are those guys? My old team. SIGHS What the hell are you doing here? You were enough to get yourself into this mess! We’re the only ones crazy enough to get you out of it! Come on. We’re late for a war! Galgo, you might wanna get outta that seat. Christmas is comin’. But it’s June. Galgo, get the hell out! Yes, sir. My hat and gloves. Wow. I’m curious. What? Since when did suicide become your hobby? I got a will.