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Doodle Devil Advanture exaggerate the noise of objects. Sometimes I reduce the volume. Other times I do the opposite and exaggerate their importance. It depends on what I feel intuitively and how the film is unfolding. Another thing. You ask your actors to express themselves through body language. Yet you also restrict those very elements. We’re back to talking about technique again, or rather my obsession with mechanical behavior. I think most of our gestures, and even our words, are automatic. If your hand is on your knee, you didn’t put it there. Montaigne wrote a wonderful chapter on this, about our hands that go where we don’t tell them to go. Our hands are autonomous. Our gestures, our limbs, are practically autonomous. They’re not under our command. That’s cinema. What cinema is not is thinking out a gesture, thinking out words. We don’t think of what we’re going to say. The words come even as we think, and perhaps even make us think. In this regard, theater is unrealistic and unnatural. What I attempt with my films is to touch what’s real. Perhaps I’m obsessed with reality. Something else. You transform your characters into your desired form rather than letting them evolve in their own way. It’s a strange combination, a combination of them and me, a transfer of energy between us. It’s a kind of mixture game obtained, not from my direction or staging, but from a kind of divination, a shared assent, a kind of friendship in all matters. It absolutely does not come from directing the actors or from staging things. “Staging” is an apt expression. It shows that today’s movies once again, I emphasize the difference between movies and cinema today’s movies are filmed plays. I apologize for repeating it yet again. You don’t consider yourself a director? Not at all. Not even a cinephile. What’s Robert Bresson’s profession? Someone once said I’m one “who imposes order.” I prefer that to “director” like on a stage, because I don’t see a stage anywhere. In that case, why don’t you ever let your actors improvise? They improvise, but not in the way you think.