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I should have guessed that it would be useless. Nobody can thwart the inevitable. Everything is written in the holy book of life. Now it is you who nearly destroyed our plan. She must continue to live. Until the end of the black year. Then I will be able to leave with you. I can not allow myself to think of losing you forever. I’ll know how to reward your sacrifice. For you I was the most despicable man, the most vile. In your name I have committed only shameful acts. And do not ask me what I would never do Radio to leave you behind. Oh, yes you will. You will have to do it. Because I’m asking you. In the time that remains for you to live, I will make you know what no other man has lived. I will make you happy Gonzalo, very happy. We were on the highway when the car stopped. Continue. Pablo told me he had to find a mechanic in the village. How long did you stay alone? A little over an hour. On his return I saw him very nervous. He told me someone had killed my husband. And that we would both receive a lot of money. And why wait until now to make this statement? I was very scared. He swore he would kill me if I said a word. When I returned I saw Marcos I prefered to stay silent. This is why your husband was murdered. I know, I know. But I never thought he would do it a second time. You could have guessed it. Previously he had killed your mother? Yes, it was he who killed her. What makes you think it was your brother-in-law? Because in the closet of his room he still keeps a bit of poison. I saw it when arranging his room. Is that all? Would you read your statement? Anything new? No, boss. No trace of this man. My brother-in-law must not know that it’s I who denounced him. He will not know anything until he goes on trial. Now we just have to find the poison. Here it is, Inspector. Everything makes me think that this is the poison that was used to kill your mother. You say it is poison? It was found in your room. Now, will you tell me how this poison fell in your hands? In my Radio Inspector, this is the first time I saw it.