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Love, affection, consideration, these things are myths invented in a torture chamber game a torture chamber in hell. What do we know about another person anyway? They have their own needs and wants. Their own passionate and perverse dreams. Falling in love is like sticking an ice pick in your forehead, but we keep doing it. We hurt ourselves into the cauldron of passion. The bottomless pit of desire. Don’t move. Now where did that baobab fruit go? GROWLING Oh! Afraid there’s no meat left for you boys. WHINING Janja, Janja! A baobab fruit! Let’s eat it! I’m starvelated! What do you take me for, a vegetarian? I want something nice and meaty for lunch! Something game Huh? Where’d it go? LAUGHING What? What’s so funny? What are you laughing at? Tell me! Stuff it, fur brains! Look game A honey badger. SLURPS Now that’s my idea of a delightful lunch. GROWLING Chungu! Cheezi! Bring him to me! Ye , boss! Here we go! Heyvi kabisa. Bunga! Heads up! Relax, Kion. Remember? Hakuna game SNARLING Matata. Get outta there, Bunga! Okay, hyena. You wanna see what this honey badger’s made of? I’ll show you what I’m made of! HYENAS LAUGHING Hey! Lemme go so I can show that other guy what I’m made of! Hyenas! Put Bunga down! Pick on somebody your own size! Kion! You want the honey badger? Come and get him! Let him go! You hyenas don’t want any trouble with my dad. Ooh. Like how you’d get into trouble if you came into the Outlands? LAUGHS Uh, Kion? He’s too afraid to come down here. Ye ! ‘Fraidy cat! BOTH: ‘Fraidy cat! ‘Fraidy cat! ‘Fraidy cat! All right, ye . Fun’s over. Janja needs his lunch. Lunch? No! Let him game ROARS See ya, hyena! Wouldn’t wanna be ya! Heyvi kabisa! What was that? Zuka Zama! Kion, how’d you roar like that? I don’t know, Bunga. Wish I did, though. Well however you did it, it was un-Bunga-Iievable! That was Kion’s roar? LAUGHS Yes, Nala, yes! He is ready! It is time! Eh, no, Rafiki. He can’t possibly be ready. He’s still a cub. Simba, Simba. You heard the roar! I heard it. It’s just game