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Dora Beautiful Adventure Dress Up I don’t care what we have, as long as we’re together. It’s just that there’s so many things that I That we should have and haven’t got. I know, darling. I know. I want you to have nice things. And you will have. Wait and see. I’ll get you everything. Anything you want. I promise. How? I don’t know. But I will, I promise. You darling. Come on, go to sleep. All right. Happy dreams, sweetie. Thank you. I love you, Veda. I love you, Mother. Really, I do. But let’s not be sticky about it. Good night. I had to get a job, any kind. I had no experience in the business world, but I had to get a job. I walked my legs off. Getting a job wasn’t as easy as I thought. Days seemed like weeks, and everywhere I went I heard the same thing: Sorry, we need people with experience. I was sick at heart when I saw the restaurant. I decided to go in for a cup of tea. Good afternoon. Sit here? Menu. Clear the dirty dishes off number three. Pick up your feet! Roast chicken is nice. No, thank you. I’ll Game I caught you redhanded. I didn’t take your rotten tip. What’s the trouble? She’s lifting tips. I’ve seen her. Go into the kitchen. You keep out of it. How about some service? Someone will take care of you right away. I hope so. I have You mind your own business. Sorry to leave you like that, but we’re so shorthanded. You wanted tea? No, I want a job. What? Well, you seem to need help Game I want a job. You ever work in a restaurant before? No. Follow me. You’re a nervous gal, aren’t you? I’m just a little anxious. You want to watch that. It’s tough on dishes. I don’t think you’re the type for the work, but I’ll give you a trial. You need white shoes. Ask for nurses’ regulation in any store. $.. We furnish the uniform, but it comes off your check. $.. You get it at cost. Keep it laundered. If you don’t suit us, we charge you cents. That comes off your check too. Keep your own tips. Here, have your tea. Thank you. What’s your name? Ida, what’s yours? Mildred Pierce. Chef’s salad. Hold the mayonnaise. Two plates, hold the potatoes. Two chops, medium and rare.