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I’m a club owner. Y’know what I mean? I can pick a nice model, right, and a nice color game but I’m not very good at it. I’m not a mechanic, am I, y’know? I’m more of a gangster. isn’t that right? Yeah? Please, help me. Please, help me? Yeah game Please. Please, Reggie. Alright, let’s help you. Go on then. How about that? That looks a bit ing ed to me, mate. Speaking of game You look like shit and all. Yeah game What are you doing? Reggie, stop it! Stop it! Reggie. Alright. Stop what? Reggie, please. Don’t. Please don’t. Please game no. Please. No! Stop it! Life goes on without me. Where are you going? I’m leaving Reggie. Oh, that is a shame. He’ll take that very hard. Please get out of my way, Ron. Unless you’d prefer me to stay. Go on, boys. Go upstairs. Would you like me to help you with your bags? No, thank you. Oh, come on, don’t be daft. Look at the size of you. Look at the size of me. C’mon. Come on. You know, Frances, sometimes to achieve greatness game You do. You have to cut off a little piece of yourself game No matter how much it hurts in order to grow. In order to move on. It takes courage and I admire that, y’know? To be honest, you’re getting out just in time. You think so? Absolutely, yeah. There are so many people that know so much about us. Not you, of course. Most people hate us. Sooner or later someone’s going to talk and that will be it. It’ll all be over. That wouldn’t be so bad, would it? I think God ought to cut us some slack, though, don’t you think? Yeah, I’m sure God will. That is, uh game that is bang out of order. That’s not how we were brought up. Not at all. Ron, I’ve got to go. Yeah, of course you do. Listen here, Frances, alright, we both love him, alright? We’ve both made the effort. So we should just have to see what happens when we get there. Where? Heaven. Goodbye, Ron. Goodbye, Frances. Listen here game I always liked you, Frances. I always did. Because you have the ability to see into the future. You do. And that’s the same as me. Bye, now. Hello, Reggie. How are you?