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why the hell are you sleeping during work hours?! Had someone come to the station ? No sir, nobody. You were sleeping, how would you know stupid. There is a vehicle outside, do you know whose ? No sir no.. Go search outside and get the Vehicle near the station. If they were coming to station, they would have parked near. Why have they parked it so far?! Swith on the Record Room lights. His Jeep is here. They would not have gone too far. Start my vehicle. See I told you. Hide in Police station to escape from Police. Your car is km away from here. Can you walk till there ? I can even run! I cannot stay in this dress anymore. Did you go back just for that Umbrella ? It was raining right.. Actually, this was in my Mom’s hand when had they first met. I always keep it with me. It reminds me of them. I am sorry. No no.. they are still alive! I am always away from home because of my work. So.. I did not get what you were doing near Narnu’s house? Should I lie or tell the truth ? I will believe whatever you say. I was searching for you. Why? I know who you really are! You are the famous novelist Anushku right ? Shall we leave ? Is front seat ok for you ? For what ? To sleep. Police would be waiting for us at the home. It is safe and comfortable too. years, missing cases! All on July th. Do you need anything to eat? Nothing. Pandu, what all info have you collected ? Sandhi, I am a little busy right now. Whatever it is, stop and talk to me now. It is hard to stop. But I will talk to you. Indu Suvarna died in that Accident, I confirmed. Even her husband Gautham Suvarna died in it. What ?! Yes, The car caught fire during the accident and both died. There was one more girl in the car, her name was.. Harini Ranganath What else do you know about that Harini Ranganath ? She is an orphan. She was staying in a working women hostel in Bangalore. She was working as a yoga instructor. Ok man, continue your work. and Siddharth too Games I dont understand anything, I am totally confused. First they said Indu died years back. Now they say even I died years back. Gautham relax. There should be some reason for this. Just think. Do you know who this Harini Ranganath is ? Yes, there was a dairy at my home with “HARINI” written on it. But, Indu.. Is that dairy still at home ? I do not know. Search there. “Something we dont know cannot bring us pain” I did the same thing with you as well. Knowing that it was wrong. Gautham, there are parts to my life. My life before you , and life after you came in it. I feel like telling you both the parts. But I do not know how to tell it. years ago, Bangalore Indu was a friend from my college days. Gautham was her husband. We met after years at our friend, Shilpa’s marriage. Indu told about going to her native Kamaruttu to restart her family rituals. How are you Indu? How are you Harini ? Harini, I need to talk to you. Sorry I am busy now. I am Pramukh, my dad is a city corporate. I am Gautham. So who is he? He is a creep! After grandpa left the village, nobody is doing Bootha rituals. Both my grandparents died in