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Dora Cooking Time And game Malignant? No no, fortunately. A benign tumor. So you’re doing well. Yeah but I only came to pick up game Pick up what? My spare keys. Are you hosting an illegal immigrant? Are you hosting an illegal immigrant? You know that here we can’t afford to break the law in any way. An illegal immigrant? Not at all. Alright. You know we’re in receivership. Yes. And you don’t wanna come back sooner if I got it right. I’m sorry. I’m gonna work full throttle when I’ll be back. If we’re not bankrupt. Yes: If we’re not bankrupt. That’s all you reaction? I like you, Pomme. I like you. OK, you can go. Thanks, Mom. I’m sorry. I knew I had them. You had all your stuff? I slept at Simone’s. I only realized once I got back home. You should give a spare key to your housekeeper. Housekeeper? I don’t have one. You should quit sports, Mom. It’s for old people. You’re in good shape. Are you studying well? But are you gonna remember afterwards? After the test I mean. Cause I used to study, then I would pass the exam game And then it vanished. Into thin air, I don’t know where. I’m fine. It stays. Good. Very good, honey. I’m very happy. I look at you and I think game He got all these things in his head, all these connections. It’s OK mom, calm down. Can I drink your glass of water? There’s an Efferalgan in it. Don’t take too much Paracetamol. It’s bad for your liver. Yeah well game You want me to buy you groceries, some fruits? I got peaches from Simone’s parents They grow peaches? Mom, no they don’t. They just bought them! Oh yes. Mom I don’t wanna kick you out, but don’t you have aquagym or something? You overprotect me, mom. Not at all. Alright I’m off. Wanna come hiking with us on Saturday? Ehm game No. Give me that. No, I’ll make it. Give me that please Do you mind? We bring all this? This will go bad. This game How do we eat this exactly? Put the cream back in the fridge, not in the trash can. There you go! That wine will get boiling hot. Fuck, you could just be happy! You could appreciate if for once I bring more than breadless Camembert