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Dora Costume Dressup What do you mean? This mortuary is on the brink of bankruptcy. When the creditors foreclose next week, you fellas are gonna find yourself the proud owner of half a million dollars of debt. No way. I’m afraid he might be telling the truth. I’m going to take a shower now. And while I do, I would appreciate it very much if someone would remove that contraption from my fiancée. CLEARS THROAT Good night. MAN If you people can’t make a substantial payment within the next hours, the bank will be forced to take over the mortuary and sell it at auction. Am I making myself clear? Truscott’s a real douchebag. This isn’t fair. These aren’t our debts. These are the debts of the old proprietor, Paul Truscott! Mr. Harding, can’t we have a little more time? This mortuary has had more than enough time. The bank has run out of patience. Excuse me for interrupting. I just wanted to say goodbye to the new owners. Linda and I are off to St. Thomas. We’ll send you a postcard. Paul, she’s perfect for you. But you know she’ll last longer if you keep her out of the sun. Goodbye, everybody. You’re in good hands with Mr. Harding. Charming man. SMOOCHES Au revoir! What could we sell that could generate that kind of money? You could start with some of the inventory, the heavier pieces of equipment. No, no. Then we couldn’t function as a mortuary. There’s got to be a way out of this. Excuse me, I’m looking for the head of the mortuary. BOTH That’s me. Hi, I’m Bernard Berkowitz, manager of Radio Werewolf, and I’d like to give my boys the most fabulous funeral money can buy. Oh! How were you expecting to pay for this fabulous funeral? Well, frankly, I’m broke. Okay. Welcome to the club. But I thought possibly you guys were Radio Werewolf fans. Wait a minute, Mr. Berkowitz. You said Radio Werewolf? My boys, God bless them. Well, they’re a musical group, aren’t they? They were supposed to play at a party my son was invited to tomorrow. The Biallystock bar mitzvah. The greatest cashdrop gig I ever negotiated in my life. One million dollars for two sets.