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Dora Matching games 3 Devi! Come on, let’s go. Come game Hey! What happened to you? You okay? I’m just saying, it’s the Appalachians. Thanks, Vic. If it’ll help, I did some digging. This isn’t for one of your columns. Of course not. I’m just the investigative type. Hobb Springs, established by families unknown. Maybe yours. The first sanitarium in America outside Battle Creek. Well, most people would approve. Of what? Me going into a sanitarium. Agnes Fields. You are gonna get yours. I’ll hold you to that, Mr. Jackson. It’s more like a health spa, really. Spas don’t come with their own outhouse, Bryan. Jillian, it’s two weeks, OK? You know, getting Danny out in the open air, seeing how much of an inheritance this really is. Really, Rod? Me fixing a tire is so amazing? Just playing with my new camera. Yeah. And your old camera posted my naked ass all over the internet last trip! And got , hits in one day. Besides, come on, it’s fun. And fun is just the kind of therapy we all need. Especially my sister and Danny. Yeah. Gotta love therapy. Wanna start the healing process? Sally? You’ve checked yourself six times this morning. He’ll be here real soon. I know. It may take some time. I can’t go another winter. I need this. We need this. We play this right, sister, he won’t be able to resist you. Lord knows I can’t. You guys, it’s gigantic. You inherited this? I guess so. Our little place in the country. Well, it ain’t a Motel . Couple coats of paint, and it could be game gameing brilliant. Creepy. Vic, get out of the car. I need a moment alone with my boyfriend. Fine. It’s time to decide. What do you want to do? Just when I hit the lowest I’ve ever hit, I got a letter saying that I belonged to something. Something that I gave up on years ago. Tell me what you wanna do, honey. I wanna meet these people and find out what I’m all about. Oh, my God. Yeah. Wow. It’s huge. I know, right? Welcome to Hobb Springs. Danny. That’s right, yeah. I could tell by your eyes. I cannot believe that you are finally here. And who are you? This would be Sally. I’m Jackson. We’re the caretakers here. We weren’t expecting your friends,