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Copy CP, Attacker . Over. Head to holding area to await further orders. Ashida, Second Flying Squadron Commander Attacker , copy. Second Flying Squadron Gunner It’s not like we were told. CP, this is Attacker .Target differs from report. Attacker , hold your position.Await instructions. Resident evacuation is complete. Understood. Minister, we’re ready to open fire. Understood. Mr. Prime Minister. On your command. Very well. Go ahead. Attacker , commence fire on the creature. I repeat, commence fire. Copy CP. Commencing fire. Target straight ahead. Aim for the head. Distance . Ready, aim Radio Hold your fire! Why aren’t they firing? Ground Self Defense Force OH- Scout Helicopter Civilians near the line of fire! Surveyor Fourth Anti-tank Helicopter Unit, Kisarazu Base Civilians present. Can we fire? Joint Task Force Central Command, Camp Asaka Civilians present. Can we fire? Ministry of Defense HQ, Central Command Post Civilians present. Can we fire? Crisis Management Center Conference Room, Prime Minister’s Office There are civilians. Can we proceed? Can we proceed with firing? Mr. Prime Minister! Abort. Abort the attack! Civilians must not receive fire! Attacker , abort attack.To holding positions. Over. Copy CP. Abort! Holding positions! The creature is again on the move. Breaking through the expressway, is headed towards Tokyo Bay Ota Ward All flights are canceled. New fire outbreak in Shinagawa. Most train lines running. Pledges of support from overseas Radio Radio more supplies and aid workers Radio The Tokyo Exchange is open as usual Radio The bullet train is operatingshuttle services from Shin Yokohama. Scientist envoys from France and other nations have arrived. The creature has not been spotted in the Uraga Channel. So the search zone is expanding. The casualty count is up to as a result of Radio Fires in Ota Ward have been put out. Disaster Management MinisterKasai leads an envoy to survey and assess the damage. Giant Unidentified Creature disaster site, Ota Ward