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we want it to be, y’know? Life has other plans. It’s the way it is, it’s life. I love you. I love you. I’ve never loved anybody before, but I love you, Reggie. And I love you too. Do you think it can protect people? What? Love. I like him. Yeah, he’s got something about him, doesn’t he? You know what I reckon it is? What? I think it’s his hips. Yeah. I want to blow the soul out of that horn. You feeling a bit horny, are you, Ron? I am. I am. Go on, do it. I will. Do it. I want to blow the soul out of that horn. I am going to do it. Bugger you, Tiger. That’s it, Ron. Give it a ing blow. Kill it. ::, –> ::: Oh, ing hell. Right. Hello? Hello? Yes, Ron, Hello. You know when I plan to die? When, Ron? In the very last minute. Don’t ing encourage him, for ‘s sake. Look at you, you flash ers, alright? Now I may not be very good, right, but a good gangster? Oh yeah. I’ll ing claim that title. And how many titles could you claim? Hey? Superficial light. Oh yeah? Dripping in your synthetic opulates. Ha. It’s disgusting, really it is. Yeah. Right. A bit of magic. You love magic, don’t you? All kids love magic. You might all be aware that there are three magic ‘C’s in the word Carpacia. But how many C’s game are there in the word “cunt”? Just you. You’re free. What are you doing throwing stones at the window? They’re not stones. These are Lemon Sherberts. Here you go. Oh, well played! Why don’t you ring the bell? Well, your mum. I mean. I’m not being funny here, but the thought of your mum answering that door is a bit shocking, so. I thought she’d give me grief on account of where I’ve been. You mean prison? Yeah, prison. You look beautiful. You look beautiful too. I know it’s a bit late, alright, but I’ve got your Christmas present here. Do you want me to throw it up? No. Well, do you want me to deliver it? I ain’t going through that door. Alright . You cheeky bugger. Be careful. Bit late now, innit? Right. Your flowers. Thank you. And game your Christmas present. Sorry it’s late. Go on. Open it. Frances Shea, will you marry me?