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Dora playing Golf I guess So, what do you got for us, Benjamin Buttons? Well, I was able to retrieve any of the work that he did. Anything he saved, we got, but the problem is, he didn’t get as far as we had hoped. Well, because he was spending his time looking at this. Ooh! Kung pow chicken nuggets. Is that her leg? That is a wing. Oh. Anyway, so that’s all I got. Okay. You guys know where I’ll be. Mmm. Just give me the locked edit when you’re done with it, all right? All right, cool. You download everything off the camera? Uh, no, I hadn’t gotten that far. I’ve just been reviewing these cut sequences. He’s filmed himself editing. Is that all he was doing? Tell you what, why don’t you review the rest of that material. And if you find anything compromising, delete it. Better yet, why don’t you burn copies for all of us. Will someone please tell me when Lauren gets here? Laurel. Hey, Alan? Games ! What? What?! There is a lady who wants to see you up front. Well, Games ! What? Hello, ma’am. My name is Alan. Hello? May I be of some assistance to you, Ma’am? I can’t believe what you’ve done with this place. I knew it was going to be different, but Game this is more than I could imagine. I’m sorry, ma’am, have we met? Do I know you? You only saw my signature. Thelma Perkins. I thought about telling you sooner, but Game it didn’t seem right stirring up the pot if there was no reason to. But then I saw those officers. It was such a shame what happened to that nice man. Yeah, it was awful what happened to Ron. Why, did you know him? No. But, I like to keep an eye on things, you know Game From a distance. Seems like something’s got her all wound up again. You can feel it if you’re close enough. Mhmm. Pier and beam, you know. They would play hideandseek. She would hide in there as a joke. Childish games can turn ugly real fast, can’t they? Is she still here? Who? Is wwho still here? Did you know someone who worked here? Ma’am? Got her. All right Game Really? Um, ma’am. We got a lot of work to do today. Please, you can Game I’ll be happy to give you a tour anytime, just phone first,I’m just plain lazy. We’re exhausted. We? Dust on them for a week. We thought you’d never come. Game Howdy! Game Howdy! Good afternoon.