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Dora Puzzle Time 4 I’m the captain, remember? Thanks. You’re welcome. That really showed them, huh? Well done, Lars. Check this out. What’s this? Our next invitation to tender. You want to go for that, too? Sure. Go power up the calculator. Isn’t that a bit of a mouthful? I’ve been involved with building half of Dubai. You don’t think I can handle a few senior homes? Rikke? You scared the life out of me! Why are you sitting there? Because I was tired. Hi, honey. Hi there. How did it go? It went well. We got it. Of course you did. Where are the kids? Betty is at a friend’s house. We have to pick her up around seven thirty. And Andreas is out playing soccer with some of the boys. I see. I told you they’d settle in. That you did. Being cheeky, are you? Don’t you give me any cheek! Jesus Christ! Knock it off! Stop. Did I hurt you? It was totally intentional. We’re not answering it. Go get it. It could be something to do with the kids. You stay there. Don’t even move. Hello again, Lars. I’m sorry to bother you at home but I was a bit put out that you didn’t have time to chat. I wasn’t interested. What a lovely house. Beautiful children. Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear. In the current financial climate we shouldn’t wage war on each other. We’re all in the same game and we should really try to work things out between us. I guess you didn’t hear me. I’m not interested. If you insist on taking this course, you’re on your own out there. Is that a threat? Lars, I don’t threaten people. But if we want to make a profit, we need to cooperate on future tenders. It’s as simple as that. Good night. Remember to take good care of what you have, Lars. Who was that? Just a business associate. What? Didn’t I tell you to stay in there? Isn’t that what I told you? Come here. Come on, get it in there. Hurry up. Everything good, Knutte? Sure thing. No problem, chief. Only thing is, we’re short on cable trays. I told Preben, and we should be getting more this afternoon. Sounds good. See you around. Hello, Lars. Hi. Some construction company CEO is in your office.