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to eyes too New friendship with a light never seen Good day for the smile unknown to the lips A new world found by the depressed heart I am in clouds even without wings Am I in the stars, hiding behind the clouds Time stopped saying will not move Rain dropped asking to get drenched Winds blew saying to enjoy Pawns moved saying to touch Has something never experienced happened? Whatever but this is good Sun has hidden saying not to touch The cloud pulled saying to meet Sorrow went away saying to leave Smiles swung saying not to go away Have the steps moved so away from the tempo?Is this the start for the flow in the river of heart? The seas are calling with hopes Maybe he would be into robbing,if not in cinema field Director sir, that girl just wrote something seeing you sir Maybe a love letter Open it, we will see Habit to help all Hey turn the page Director sir, your photo He is just like my Eldest brother of my dad who is dead Director sir not uncle, but eldest brother of dad it seems Keep it, all are coming Bloody diary Poor director, mood is off unnecessarily All have come, right! One minute, where is Chandramukhi? Maybe gone for Vineeth after getting drunk I mean, she just drank Vodka thinking as coconut water Chandramukhi! Chandramukhi! Chandramukhi! Chandramukhi! Where are you? Stop you, stop Leave that girl Leave Leave Move on guys This is the cloth from the worship of Lord Hanuman It would be down fast tying this. Looks like your drink bottle does something sir Garudahalli is here, come on get down Why are you still sitting, get up Get down Look brother, if you connect as she tied the cloth,new problems come up to you I am saying with experience and your wish after that. You said it great Director sir Airlift..Shut up you.. Sir This girl says not to know even cell phone,who can she be? She looks like a girl of a big family.This area is not good too. Poor girl, get to know the details and drop her at home How is the food? Everything is good. Curries are good, Sambar is good,Rasam is good and even chutnies are good. Where is your house? Which is your village? Look, this area is not good. I will drop if you say where your house is. Bro, car is ready. I am asking for the last time, say Ok your wish. Bye! Get in. You know how worried was I thinking you would leave and go? You are a good person. Ok, where did you come from? Where are we going? Where did this car come from? Which is your village? I am asking You! She shot questions till now and is gone silent when asked about her village. I feel something wrong bro. You be right here, be alert Ok bro Look Rajesh, whose house is this? Why should we be alert? Any danger? Which is your village? I understood how to make her shut up. Madam, someone named Chai came to meet you. I did not expect you to really come Chai You are my friend Thank you Chai Meera, I got to tell what happened in the matter of Siddartha I am not able to believe that brother did so. Meera dear, who is he? Did you threaten family of Siddarth? Who is he? Did you threaten family of Siddarth or not?