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Dora Room Decor Time Did your sister give you the impression that he would have married her? Well, I don’t know that I can answer that. I mean, we we really never discussed I’ve told you over and over again. Yes. But supposing your father were lying and didn’t want you to marry her? I didn’t care. But you cared about your scholarship, didn’t you? You cared about your career. Marriage would have stopped all that. It wasn’t me that was mad about the career. So you say. I wouldn’t know. You may have thought that a bit of fun was one thing game but that marriage was too high a price to pay for it. This boy couldn’t do anything like We don’t need you to defend our David. Mildred. How about you, Mr. Harris? You had your reasons, too, didn’t you? I didn’t wish her any harm. Of course not. She was going to marry David. That’s what you said, wasn’t it? That’s right. And I gave him my word he would. But she didn’t marry him, did she? She would have done. Would have done? If you hadn’t stopped her. Is that what you mean? That’s not true. I didn’t wish her any harm. None of us did. We liked her. We liked her! If David wanted her, that was the end That was good enough. Shut up! Why don’t you tell him the truth? You hated her! All you ever wanted was for me to be an architect. “My boyan architect. ‘ ‘ You were going to send me away, but you You hated her so much that you finally Get him out! Don’t want his hands on my kids’ toys! Don’t want him near my kids! Don’t want his dirty hands on my children! Tearing up my family. They’re mine. You really hate colored people, don’t you? You really hate them. And with Sapphire, you couldn’t control yourself. And that’s why you killed her. It wasn’t like that. It wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t come to the dairy. I’d locked up, drawn the blinds. She banged on the door and called to me. I had to let her in. She said she was fed up waiting for David and wanted my company. She sat on the counter all the time I was tidying up sweeping, doing Lilly’s work swinging her legs and laughing. She couldn’t see what she’d done.