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Dora’s BBQ 2 Mr. Bellamy here’s been waiting. Oh, yeah. Rewrite desk. Lobster shift. What’s the lobster shift? After midnight we serve lobsters. Thermidor, naturally. Uh game Page one editorial. Ten point type. Double column. Byline, Set off in boldface will be: John Garrison. Quote: “I am dead. “I’ve been dead for years. “By tomorrow, this newspaper may also be dead. “But as long as it lives, the day will continue to report the facts game “and the meaning of those facts without fear, “Without distortion, without hope of personal gain game as it always has done.” Yes? Dr. Emmanuel on two. Hello, doctor. No, no, no. I’m fine. Yeah, uh, I want to ask you a favor. A personal friend of mine needs your help. He’s in the city hospital. Name is Burrows, George Burrows. What? What is more important, doctor, Your delivering a lecture in London or saving a man’s eyesight? Well, cancel it. Well, then delay it. We weren’t too busy to raise funds for your clinic. Well, certainly I’m putting it on a personal basis. What’s a friend for, if not for a favor? Thank you. A real humanitarian. Oh. Where was I? “Will continue to report the facts and the meaning of those facts” Oh, that sentence is too long. Break it down. Change the word “distortion.” Somebody mightn’t know what it means. Okay? Paragraph. Quote: “What are the facts? Rienzi stuffs your ballot boxes.” If anything will save the paper, this is it. You see the paper yet? Who’s responsible? Obviously Hutcheson. Hutcheson? Afraid so. Well, talk to him. Why can’t you? I wanna meet him personally. Why not? Everybody can be reached. Remember, judge? Evening, Mr. White. Evening, Mr. White. Mr. White. Give me a three column lead with two line bank on that raid. Evening, Mr. White. Did you see this spread on Rienzi in the day? Yes, sir. What have you done about it for our paper? Done, sir? A reporter gets into a barroom brawl? They say it was Rienzi. But can they prove it? Prove it? Front page editorials, flashy cartoons game Why, it’s oldFashioned, Mr. White. And what’s so ultramodern about this horse in our paper?