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Dora Super Hidden Numbers 4 Stay calm, please stay calm. The justice shall prevail! I won’t let Dev Majumdar’s sacrifice go in vain! Whoever is behind his murder, I am not going to spare him! This is my promise to you. Whoever he may be game Sir! Even if he is a police officer game Who was that? Who the heck hit me! I did it! I’ve already buried one of them! I’m going to do the same thing with you! He killed Dev Majumdar! Don’t spare him! Who hit me game Come on game I did it! I won’t spare you! I won’t game Let’s go, sir! Come on, take out the car! Dev was right. There is something in this country that is worth sacrificing for. Victory of Dev Majumdar and the truth! According to the latest news, DCP Chautala has been arrested and the oath taking ceremony of Minister Rajbeer Singh Ahlawat has been cancelled indefinitely. For the first time in sixty five years, our country is going to witness an open enquiry. This enquiry will be telecasted live on the national television. I am Sakshi Singh, signing off with cameraman Montu, for City News. How are you doing, Thapa? Easy! It’s good that you pulled me out Mr. CM! Otherwise, if I had to bear the pain in my rear one more time you would have to share the same pain with me. Darn you! Trust me, it was nothing personal. Imple Singh, with you, for you, always. Goodbye, sir! Hi, guys game Hi! Devi! See, I won! Now I am a world champion! Yeah. I read about it. I also won. See. There are two. Twins. Oh, my god! Congratulations, guys! God bless you! Hello! Hello, ma’am! Abbas, please check the rappelling equipment. Yes, ma’am. The Japanese team is coming and if possible please smile a bit more. Morning! Morning! Devi, come back please. Don’t you feel alone there without us? Are you kidding me? You oaf, at the height of , feet, I’m on top of the world. I have my memories with me. At night, I have my stars to give me company. Devi, Dev always used to say that how can the stars which can fall anytime, tell our future? Dev was wrong. In these stars, I can still see my dreams coming true. Idiot! There is still something known as imagination!