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I’m Yann Kermadec! Yes, Yann. And you? Your name? Mano Ixa. Listen to me, Mano Ixa, this is my race. You’ve no idea the friggin’ nightmare I’m in. I’m going to take you and drop you off somewhere. You understand? There game You go there! You know how to swim at least? Can you swim? Here! Life vest! Hello. The sea here is choppy and it’s rainy. I’m moving along at knots skirting St. Hélène anticyclone by the west. That’s about it. See you tomorrow. Hello at home. He looks tired. That’s his permanent state. Why’s he going west? It’s strange. He’s driving me nuts. Forget about logic to his actions. Aren’t you fed up? No, it’s my job. Is it always like that? For you or Yann, it’s the same thing. Why that route? Got a problem? No, everything’s fine. Where are you going? Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing. Are you sure? Of course. He knows what he’s doing. Heading to a Brazilian beach. Here. Take it! st Day Off the Shore of Brazil Y. Kermadec th Where are you going? Inside! Go below! Not on deck. It’s dangerous. Move it. Too dangerous. Léa? You can’t hear me? Look up from your screen. Your report card isn’t great. What will I tell your dad? “Léa doesn’t make much effort and must participate more.” I don’t care. You’re not my mom. I don’t love you. This is my room. Get out of my room! Can you speak more kindly? I don’t talk like that. And I love you very much. What are you doing? Don’t touch that. I do it! It’s my race! Go inside. You do nothing. Get going. The teacher only talks about the race. They all ask questions about daddy. I’ve had enough. Want to sleep here? Yes. Good night. Hello? So there you are. Everything’s fine. Don’t worry. The weather’s good. I’m advancing. No time to waste. I know, it’s great. You’re zooming up in the rank, but just take a moment to give me news. I’m sorry. I’ve slept so little in two days. Exactly, be careful. Kiss Léa for me. Sure. Love you. My gamble paid off. I’m in th place. Things are picking up. I’m turning southeast, to the Cape of Good Hope. Let’s hope it lives up to its name.