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Every soldier in the army is ready to die if you call on him. Everyone thinks you could lead Russia wherever you like. Peter Catherine. Oh, Peter. Forgive my intruding. I just came To talk over your future with these loyal gentlemen. Oh, no. I came because I wanted Get out of here. Get to the kitchen, to the nursery. Get out! No. Stay here Peter! With these loyal leaders of the army Peter. And give your orders. Get into my chair. You’re already in my shoes. Captain Orlov carry on with the council. And let me know what the lady has decided. Oh, Your Majesty. Well? Oh, I was waiting for dear Catherine. Every soul in Russia pleads with you, begs you, urges you. And one day your soul will respond to it. Never, never, never. Waiting for that day, hundreds of us stake our heads day after day to win over officer after officer, man after man, with the words “Catherine and Russia.” What do you want to make me? A traitor to my husband? The empress of Russia. The empress of Russia? The empress of Russia. No. No, Orlov. I love the emperor and I don’t want to be anything but his wife. Your Majesty, I deeply regret that What is it, Goudovitch? His Majesty’s order is -is What is His Majesty’s order? That for the future Your Majesty will occupy the French apartment in the right wing. Do you mean I am not to live here any longer? His Majesty’s orders. I want to see His Majesty. Oh, His Majesty’s orders But all my things are in there. Mayn’t I fetch a few books and little things for myself? His Majesty has commanded that nothing shall be touched until further orders. I see. It was, um the French apartment, wasn’t it? Thank you, Goudovitch. Woman Laughing Man Chuckles Chattering Her Majesty deeply regrets she cannot come tonight. How very unfortunate. You will please go and tell Her Majesty that her presence here is indispensable to my happiness. And if you come back without her, I’ll send you on another errand. You quite understand? To you, Sir Charles, as ambassador of England and to you, Vicomte, as ambassador of France I tender my sincere apologies