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Gamma personnel ready for gravity loss. All other systems okay. Commander Game and crew, we now follow your Apollo cruiser deadlocked on a course for Echo. Your time for rendezvous with Captain Perkinson on Delta Able . You’re on automatic control at preset speed. Notify variations and corrections. Lieutenant? I think I’ve got something here. Communications. Communications. Direct your sensoroscope on Lobe. I, I’ve got something from Lobe. Lobe? Repeat. Ready for antigravity. Now! Repeat it. Small astro body at about , miles from Phoebe in a line to Archus. Give us coordinates. İfs not more than twentyfive miles in diameter but it doesn’t have a fixed course or speed. We’ve got readings. I wish they’d fix the gyro. And the damn thing seems to be hollow. Gamma space station, gravity pull uncoordinated. Try it now! Gravity pull coordinated. All units are shifted sir. Commander Game requested another ship with Captain Perkinson. It will be leaving in twenty minutes. Will you be going sir? No. At plus two hours thirty minutes, recon squadron, all systems Aokay. Take care Walt, I’ve got to go. She’s your baby. Yes, sir, good luck sir. Thank you. General, we have contact with earth again. With headquarters? Yes, sir, they have a temporary setup working. Did you say you wanted Dr. Schmidt? Yes. We’re ready here. If you don’t need me, sir, I’ll get back to my section. All right. We don’t need any introductions do we? Is that you Schmidt? You’ve got the report on the space body seen by Echo and Lobe. What do you think of it? You are making a mistake. It’s a body so lacking in density, moving at too slow a speed. I know Schmidt. Yet it’s there. It’s not possible for such a body to cause the disturbances we’re having on earth. I can only pray that you’re wrong. Commander this is Magivers in recon ship Lobe, no sign of Echo, sir, but we’ve been tailing something. It looks like an oversized asteroid. It has a strange phosphorescent quality. It could be, it could be our baby.