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thatjust produces an endless supply of pee. And that’s how it happens, and it’s an amazing thing to watch. He could have fake peed for minutes. Yeah. Well, I mean, there’s a tank somewhere and they send it through and you know game That’s just game Movie magic. Movie magic. Halston, I think, is really great in this scene. Yeah. And obviously. I mean, this is the scene she looked forward to most. I mean, it’s an iconic scene from the book. And this is one of those game It’s always scary when you’re going to do an iconic scene that you know is that, and matters a lot to people, and I think she just pulled it off so beautifully. I love when she turns and you see that tear there. Yeah, the script that I wrote in , I wrote a screenplay version of this. In that screenplay Q and Lacey hook up in this very bathtub. I’m really glad that that movie was not made and, yeah game And then Q ends up with Lacey at the end of the movie. I’m so glad that movie was not made. I mean, it’s a really delicate scene. Because, you know, it is awkward. That is what you would think might happen here. I mean, two people in a bathtub and she’s drunk and I think game I talked to Nat a lot about playing this scene with a certain level of delicacy, like he doesn’t want to disturb anything. He’s kind of nervous, and he doesn’t want to look too much or not look at all. She’s beautiful, but not too beautiful or whatever. Right. I love that little thing he does on his face. It’s like, “What? Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t know.” You know, like he just doesn’t want to disturb anything, and she’s so kind of vulnerable withoutjust being weepy. You know, like there’s a kind of strength that comes through that we haven’t seen in Lacey before, wouldn’t imagine from her. I just think they both captured it so well. Yeah. She called me a and a whore. And then she stood on a couch and shushed the entire party game We’re just watching the scene ’cause we like it. Yeah. This was a big discussion, the chlamydia joke. I felt like it was important to say that there’s